Mrs. R.D. Roche

Chartered Physiotherapist
HPC PhysioFirst

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Ashford Physiotherapy Clinic

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Healing Touch

Rosemary Roche and her staff have been offering an experienced physiotherapy service for over 25 years.

As well as running their clinic, they also work as physiotherapists in the local NHS. "We're fully qualified and registered with the appropriate bodies," said Rosemary.

Physiotherapy can be of benefit for a wide variety of conditions, and is a healthcare profession concerned with human function and movement. The aim is to maximise potential using physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being.

"We treat all our clients holistically," explained Rosemary. "A lot of people assume physiotherapists only look at the particular injury, but we don't. We take into account posture and overall health."

Our practice uses a number of different approaches to help our clients.

We also carry out workstation assessments and are qualified in biomechanics.